How will Johnny Depp divide $1 million settlement from Amber Heard? Find out HERE

How will Johnny Depp divide $1 million settlement from Amber Heard? Find out HERE

Amber Heard recently paid Johnny Depp the $1 million that she owed him from the libel lawsuit. It was later revealed that Johnny planned on donating all the money he received from his ex to charities of his choice. The actor has stayed true to his word because a newly surfaced report disclosed the list of charities he will donate. Read on to find out how the Jeanne du Barry actor has decided to divide the whopping amount!

Johnny Depp is donating $1 million from Amber Heard to charity 

Amber Heard was found liable for paying Johnny Depp $15 million by the court for the defamation trial initially. The exes decided to settle out of court, where Johnny agreed to receive $1 million instead of the original sum. Johnny’s attorney on the case, Camille Vasquez, had revealed in an interview that Depp had decided to use all of the money paid by his ex towards charity. She revealed, “Mr. Depp will be donating the money that Ms. Heard paid to settle the appeal to a number of charities. Case closed, and we couldn’t be happier about it for him in the best possible way.”

Which charities is Johnny Depp donating to?

In a recent report, E! News has revealed that a source close to the actor spoke to them and revealed where Johnny would donate his money. They revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had chosen 5 charities that would receive a $200,000 donation each. One of the organizations is the Make a Film Foundation, Johnny has previously worked with the organization. The nonprofit organization aims at fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening conditions and lets them pair up with actors, writers, directors, and producers to create a short film. 

The second organization of Johnny’s choice is The Painted Turtle, Paul Newman founded it. The organization aims to provide a camp experience for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The third is Red Feather, an initiative that helps people in the Indigenous communities with housing solutions. 

An equal part of the sum will go to Tetiaroa Society which is an organization founded by Marlon Brando. It aims at conservation efforts and educational programs in local schools to spread awareness about island sustainability. The last donation goes to Amazonia Fund Alliance, a group of companies whose motive is to protect preservation efforts mainly aimed at Indigenous communities in the Amazon. 

Johnny Depp had sued Amber Heard for defamation, and he ended up winning the lawsuit, and the court found his ex liable to pay him $15 million. Amber decided to move to Spain with her daughter after losing the case. Johnny Depp made his acting comeback at The Cannes Film Festival with Jeanne Du Barry. 

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