Innovation Unveiled: The Luxe Experience of the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards in Cannes

As the world eagerly anticipates the eminent 77th Cannes Film Festival, all eyes are on the upcoming Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards, poised to deliver an unforgettable blend of tradition and innovation amidst the iconic Cannes backdrop.

Helmed by visionary leaders Liliya Rogova Tippetts of PORTERIUM Monaco 1st Wed3 Fashion, Design & Art Marketplace, and DIGITAL FASHION MAGAZINE by the esteemed Digital Fashion Diva & Visionaire, LAGANZA, the event promises an evening of unmatched allure.

The Awards Ceremony headlined by the mesmerizing singer OLLA from Monaco, the red carpet Haute Cocktail Reception boasts spectacular performances, including the renowned TIORA (Half Human / Half Avatar) laser harp show. Following this, a curated fashion extravaganza by Margaux Pohosian of Maragaux MGMT model agency of Monaco-based Marli Dresses X Victoria Silvstedt Collection. This exclusive collaboration promises an exquisite fusion of luxury and sophistication, embodying the essence of timeless elegance will grace the soirée.

The nominees for the awards span a diverse spectrum, encompassing international independent fashion brands, fashion influencers, blockchain and crypto icons, as well as creative and business elites converging at the intersection of fashion and crypto. Additionally, digital fashion creators and pioneers in the metaverse industry are also among the notable nominees, reflecting the evolving landscape of fashion and technology integration.

As the primary sponsor, cutting-edge WEB3 entertainment company KM Universe, led by Dr. Jacques Durand, sets the standard in seamlessly integrating immersive technologies with lifestyle trends, enhancing the Cannes experience.

Adding an element of opulence, Glam Monte Carlo, founded by Anna Luhnu, provides cutting-edge anti-aging solutions, elevating the event’s luxury quotient.

A strategic partner of the esteemed Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Porterium & DFMag Cannes Edition, gracing L’Officiel cover & the illustrious judging panel with her unparalleled expertise is Julia Berisset , the epitome of sophistication and refinement. As the Chief Editor of TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, a beacon of opulence revered on a global scale, Julia effortlessly wields her mastery of international public relations, captivating nearly 1 million discerning followers on Instagram. Nestled in the luxurious enclave of Monaco, she orchestrates, attends, and elevates top-tier events across the globe with an air of effortless elegance. With her astute understanding of haute couture and unparalleled connections in high society, Julia’s collaboration with esteemed public figures, corporate giants, and prestigious brands adds a resplendent aura of knowledge and influence to the Digital Fashion and Crypto Awards, setting a standard of refinement and sophistication unmatched in the industry.

Monaco resident with Serbian and Bulgarian heritage , Ana Miloykovich,  enriches the jury panel with her diverse cultural background. Winner of Miss Europe 2021, Ana has pursued higher education in Monaco and Nice, demonstrating her dedication to excellence. With a successful career as a fashion model and a passion for outdoor sports, Ana embodies a discerning eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of fashion trends. Her unique origin and keen sense of style make her voting essential for the judging process of the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Porterium & DFMag in Cannes. Ana Miloykovich, adorned numerous fashion magazine covers with her captivating presence, adding to her extensive experience and discerning eye for fashion.

A distinguished member of the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards jury, Veronika Tvardovskaya, is renowned as a guru in self-confidence, femininity, and interpersonal relationships. As a leading high heels dancing coach, her insights into personal confidence dynamics and style expression nuances enable her to provide discerning assessments of fashion submissions. Moreover, her exceptional eye for aesthetics and functionality guarantees that designs resonate authentically with contemporary audience values, showcasing her nuanced understanding of societal dynamics and individual expression in the fashion landscape.

An esteemed member of the jury Sosyukina Yuliya,  for the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Porterium & DFMag Cannes Edition, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With four higher educations under her belt, including psychology, economics, and banking, she offers a multifaceted perspective on fashion and innovation. As the owner of the concierge service Travel company “Creative Voyage” and director of the UA Fashion TV channel, she has a keen eye for creativity and trends. Furthermore, her role as Ambassador of Goodwill of Europe at the International Commission for Human Rights underscores her commitment to philanthropy and global harmony. With a remarkable track record in beauty pageants and a passion for organizing events and charity projects, Sosyukina Yuliya is poised to bring her unique insights to the judging panel, ensuring that deserving winners are recognized for their contributions to the fashion and crypto industries.

A Monaco-based entrepreneur, Monika Paza stands as a luminary within the realm of fashion, esteemed member of the jury for the prestigious Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards hosted by Porterium & DFmag. Her journey as a visionary fashion designer is marked by an unyielding dedication to quality and empowerment. With a fervent passion for fashion, Monika transcends trends, sculpting pieces that epitomize timeless elegance and individual expression. Central to her ethos is the empowerment of women, celebrating their strength and femininity through meticulously crafted designs. Beyond mere garments, Monika’s creations serve as affirmations of self-assurance and grace, instilling confidence and embracing uniqueness. In championing quality over quantity, she inspires women to embrace their power and radiance.

A Global Icon and Renowned Beauty Queen Debby Gommeren, a multitalented individual from Belgium, now residing in Dubai where she owns her own marketing company, is renowned internationally as a model, singer, and beauty queen. With numerous prestigious titles including Miss Benelux, Miss Civilisation of the World, and Woman Legend Award recipient, Debby’s illustrious career spans continents. Her captivating presence and diverse talents have earned her accolades such as Miss Fashion World, Playmate of the Year, and Miss Earth. Notably, her latest single ‘Let Me Out’ was signed by Warner Music, further solidifying her status as a luminary in the entertainment industry. Debby’s enduring impact on the worlds of fashion, beauty, and entertainment makes her a distinguished member of the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Porterium & DFmag, where her vote carries significant weight in recognizing excellence.

A distinguished Artist & Art expert in rare Chinese painting techniques and art investment, esteemed member of judging panel Irina Malkova,is offering a discerning artistic eye for beauty and refinement during the voting process. Her expertise in both art and fashion ensures a fair and insightful evaluation of this year’s nominees, setting the standard for excellence in the award selection process.

With a dynamic jury spanning fashion and technology, expect an evening of unparalleled sophistication and innovation. Anticipate thrilling moments as we celebrate the pinnacle of achievements among fashion and blockchain icons, amidst the electrifying ambiance of the Cannes Film Festival.

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