Elegance, Innovation, and Luxury: The Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by PORTERIUM and DFMag Shine during the 77th Cannes Film Festival

The highly anticipated Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards, held at a Secret Private Location in Cannes during the 77th Cannes Film Festival, were a resounding success. Curated by fashion tech and media entrepreneur Liliya Rogova Tippetts, founder of PORTERIUM Monaco 1st Wed3 Fashion, Design & Art Marketplace, alongside DIGITAL FASHION MAGAZINE, founded by the legendary Digital Fashion Diva & Visionaire, LAGANZA, the event brought together industry luminaries and innovators for an evening of elegance, innovation, and luxury.

The Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards Ceremony celebrated nominees from diverse backgrounds, including international independent fashion brands, fashion influencers, blockchain and crypto icons, and pioneers in the metaverse industry. Notable guests included HM Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, celebrity Victoria Silvstedt, Hofit Golan, Alvaro Nunez, and other renowned personalities among the international jury hailing from around the globe. 

The ceremony recognized winners in three main categories: digital fashion, fashion nominations in partnership with Emirates Fashion Week, and crypto achievers. These categories featured internationally acclaimed nominees, with several of them highlighted here.

Fine Couture by Fatma Essa from Dubai emerged as the winner of the Middle Eastern Rising Star of Modest Luxury Award, Fatma Essa for blending academic prowess with creative vision. Founded by Fatma Essa, a master of quality management, the brand infuses each design with meticulous attention to detail. With a mission to inspire and empower women, Fatma Essa creates innovative, high-quality fashion that transforms dreams into reality. Guided by values such as uniqueness, determination, and collaboration, the brand aims to redefine sophistication in evening and wedding attire. The vision is to stand as the epitome of elegance in evening and wedding attire, trusted by 10 million worldwide by 2030. From fluid silhouettes to exquisite embellishments, each creation embodies the essence of elegance. With privacy and professionalism at its core, Fatma Essa promises to be the go-to destination for timeless beauty transformations.

Judy Green earned both the Fashion Empowerment Recognition Award and the Timeless Elegance Award. Judy Green brand transcends mere fashion trends to embody a lifestyle philosophy. Its clothing, inspired by the timeless elegance of Coco Chanel, seeks to uplift self-sufficient, unique women, ensuring that each wearer commands attention not for social status, but for the lasting impression they make. Their collections inspire daily self-expression and transformation, offering garments that seamlessly blend style with comfort, fostering unwavering confidence. Judy Green epitomizes luxury, elegance, femininity, and individuality, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every piece crafted. Their commitment to quality ensures that each garment stands out, dressing stars for stage performances and representing their ambassador, model, actress, and TV presenter Nadezhda Shanina.

Wood Belt from Slovenia won the Socially Responsible Designer Award for its sustainable collection. Crafted from premium sustainable materials, their biodegradable belts redefine eco-fashion. Each buckle, meticulously fashioned from reclaimed wood cutoffs, seamlessly merges with vegetable-tanned leather, creating an eco-chic and timeless look. Beyond aesthetics, their impact extends to doing good, with patented innovations like modularity and easy repair ensuring longevity and circularity. From airport-friendly designs to uplifting underserved communities in their production process, Wood Belt epitomizes authentic impact fashion. Embrace sustainability with Wood Belt—where feeling good, looking good, and doing good align seamlessly.

Feryam Brand from Saudi Arabia was bestowed with the Middle Eastern Fashion Icon Award standing at the forefront of fashion innovation, and promising an extraordinary experience with its unique designs and visionary approach. From fabric design to final creation, every aspect bears the hallmark of the brand’s visionary creator, offering a fresh perspective on sartorial expression. Positioned as a rising star in Middle Eastern fashion, Feryam Brand merges creativity and originality, captivating enthusiasts with its fusion of artistry and culture. By seamlessly integrating traditional elements while infusing contemporary details, the brand preserves cultural heritage while pushing boundaries and setting new standards. This delicate balance between past and present ensures timeless yet modern creations that resonate with a diverse audience, propelling Feryam Brand into the future of modest luxury fashion.

Yana Shine received the Mindful Fashion Excellence Award for organizing transformative retreats and designing leisurewear brand “YSWear.” With over 14 years of experience working with women’s physical and mental well-being, Yana has evolved her approach from bodywork in her Monaco studio to integrating soulful practices like coaching and shamanism. Today, she engages as a retweet organizer and expert in body practices while simultaneously pursuing her passion for fashion design. Inspired by Japanese tradition, her collection features versatile dress-kimono ensembles paired with pantsuits, with swimwear complementing the aesthetic for harmonious leisure attire that seamlessly transitions from land to water.

Suvarsha Vengurlekar from India won the Bridal & Special Occasion Gowns Couture Visionary Award Goa’s Allure, curated by Suvarsha Tukaram Vengurlekar, offers couples the perfect destination wedding attire for their dream ceremonies amidst Goa’s breathtaking landscapes. Suvarsha’s journey from a hobbyist embroiderer to a successful fashion entrepreneur showcases her passion and determination. Specializing in rental gowns and jewelry, her brand, ‘Sus By Suvarsha,’ has become synonymous with elegance and convenience. Despite challenges, including the pandemic’s impact on her boutique store, Suvarsha’s resilience and creativity have led to a flourishing business. With her meticulous attention to detail and personalized service, Suvarsha ensures that every client’s wedding day is unforgettable.

Svetlana S-Feniks received the Standout Vocalist of the Fashion Runway Award for her acclaimed performances. The singer emerged as a standout discovery, captivating millions worldwide with her mesmerizing tracks. As a talented songwriter, her recent unveiling of “Dolce” at Milan’s “Promenade Della moda” fashion show showcased her multifaceted talent and global appeal. Dazzling in an ensemble from Fama Clamosa Fashion House, Svetlana continues to push boundaries and expand her fan base across continents. With each performance, she shares her unique artistry and passion, cementing her position as a rising star in the international music scene. Svetlana’s journey is a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to connect hearts around the globe.

During the evening, guests were captivated by TIORA’s groundbreaking performance, the first-ever laser Harp DJane show. TIORA, a half-human, half-avatar artist, seamlessly exists in both the real and metaverse worlds, enchanting the audience with her unique presence and talent.

Laganza’s VSD Meta Couture wowed everyone with its fusion of physical and digital fashion. The VSD Digital Fashion Academy, a trailblazing institution in digital fashion education, was honored with the Most Innovative Digital Fashion Education Award. Additionally, Liliya Rogova Tippetts, the Founder of PORTERIUM, received the Entrepreneurial Innovator of the Year Award for her revolutionary integration of the metaverse into the traditional fashion marketplace, elevating the shopping experience to new heights. The Star-Studded Collaboration Collection of the Year Award went to Monaco-based Marli Dresses for its “Wild Life” capsule featuring celebrity Victoria Silvstedt, showcased at the ceremony curated by Margo Pohosian of Margaux Model Agency.

The Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards, hosted by PORTERIUM & DFMag, partnered with esteemed media outlets, gaining global recognition and reaching over 40 billion readers through major media platforms.

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