Innovation Unveiled: Porterium and Digital Fashion Magazine’s Awards Make Waves at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

The highly anticipated Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards, held at a Secret Private Location in Cannes during the 77th Cannes Film Festival, were a resounding success. The event, curated by fashion tech and media entrepreneur Liliya Rogova Tippetts, founder of PORTERIUM Monaco 1st Wed3 Fashion, Design & Art Marketplace, alongside DIGITAL FASHION MAGAZINE, founded by the acclaimed Digital Fashion Diva & Visionaire, LAGANZA brought together industry luminaries and innovators for an evening of elegance, innovation, and luxury.

The Awards Ceremony headlined by the mesmerizing singer OLLA from Monaco, the red carpet Haute Cocktail Reception boasts spectacular performances, including the renowned TIORA (Half Human / Half Avatar) laser harp show. Following this, a curated fashion extravaganza by Margaux Pohosian of Maragaux MGMT model agency of Monaco-based Marli Dresses X Victoria Silvstedt Collection

The Awards Ceremony celebrated nominees from diverse backgrounds, including international independent fashion brands, fashion influencers, blockchain and crypto icons, and pioneers in the metaverse industry. Notable guests included HM Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, celebrity Victoria Silvstedt, Hofit Golan, Alvaro Nunez and other  renowned personalities among international jury hailing from around the globe.

Laganza’s VSD Meta Couture impressed with its fusion of physical and digital fashion. VSD Digital Fashion Academy, a pioneering institution in digital fashion education, was honored with the Most Innovative Digital Fashion Education Award. Olena Nevzorova was named Top Young Digital Fashion Designer. Additionally, Liliya Rogova Tippetts, the Founder of PORTERIUM, Monaco 1st Fashion & Art Marketplace, received the Entrepreneurial Innovator of the Year award for her groundbreaking integration of the metaverse into the traditional fashion marketplace, enhancing the shopping experience to a new level.

In a nod to fashion, winners took awards under Porterium and Emirates Fashion Week partnership for wider exposure, among them few are highlighted here. 

Pritam Nayak Couture clinched the Couture Maven Award. Pritam Nayak, the esteemed Indian designer, a nominee with excellence in Haute Couture Design, whose gowns are the result of hours of hand-made work in ethical working conditions. Nayak’s creations intertwine elements from nature and architecture, resulting in a distinctive style that exudes artistic innovation. Specializing in 3D sculpted garments and complementing accessories, his designs showcase a blend of luxury and superior craftsmanship, with meticulous attention to detail, often gracing the Red Carpet events. Each piece has the unique ability to elevate a woman’s appearance, infusing it with class, richness, and subtlety. Nayak’s work resonates with those who appreciate sophisticated, elegant, and meticulously crafted fashion statements, making him a standout nominee for this prestigious award. Recently, Pritam’s haute couture dresses made a stunning debut in the Porterium Metaverse, captivating a wide audience with their cutting-edge designs in the digital realm.

Tharaa Al Sayed was recognized as the Winner of Luxury Stylist Excellence Award for her extraordinary work with clients. Tharaa Al Sayed, a luminary in the world of luxury and celebrity styling, epitomizes sophistication and glamour. With a keen eye for detail and a flair for innovation, she transforms ordinary wardrobes into extraordinary statements of opulence. Her client roster reads like a who’s who of the elite, from Hollywood A-listers to royalty, each entrusting Al Sayed with their sartorial dreams. Through her exquisite taste and impeccable execution, she has cemented her status as a go-to stylist for those seeking the epitome of elegance. Al Sayed’s influence transcends trends, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of high fashion and celebrity culture.

Beth & Mishka took home the Eco-Luxury Vanguard Award. The brand redefines luxury with their teddy bear handbags, blending elegance, sustainability, and artisanal craftsmanship. Inspired by personal crisis during the pandemic, Beth’s journey began, fueled by a childhood passion for teddy bears. Transitioning seamlessly to crafting premium handbags, the brand’s eco-friendly commitment remains steadfast. From eco-fur to innovative pineapple leaf leather, each creation reflects meticulous craftsmanship and ethical sourcing. Sustainability is their core ethos, minimizing waste through resourceful repurposing. Beth & Mishka’s limited editions aren’t just accessories; they symbolize exclusivity, craftsmanship, and conscious luxury, appealing to those who seek elegance with a conscience.

Marina Majoie received the Ultimate Fashion Icon Award as a photographer’s muse. Fashion icon and muse Marina Majoie is a multifaceted individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a background in computer technology and early modeling experience at the age of 16, Marina exemplifies versatility and determination. Furthermore, her education at a prestigious London college in tourism and business underscores her commitment to personal and professional growth. Marina has graced red carpets and fashion shows, captivating audiences with her innate sense of style. Notably, she has collaborated with distinguished fashion and jewelry companies, further solidifying her status as a trendsetter in the industry. Beyond her achievements, Marina’s dedication to philanthropy sets her apart, demonstrating compassion and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. Marina Majoie embodies excellence, compassion, and resilience, making her a standout nominee worthy of recognition and admiration.

Olympea Jewelry from New York was honored with the Eco-Artisan Advocate Award for their commitment to ethical practices. A brand deeply committed to ethical craftsmanship and sustainable luxury.  By proudly collaborating with local jewelery artisans, we preserve cultural heritage and support their livelihoods.  Our selective sourcing prioritizes sustainability, while our eco-friendly packaging minimizes environmental impact.  Fair trade practices ensure that artisans receive fair wages and work in safe conditions.  As much as we attach importance to jewelery craftsmanship, we invest in skill development initiatives to carry ancient craftsmanship into the future and work with local communities for holistic support.  We encourage responsible sourcing by reducing waste in our processes.  It is crucial to educate consumers about sustainability and enable them to make informed choices.  At Olympea, innovative design meets conscious creation and shapes the future of beauty and integrity with the spirit of a deep cultural heritage.

Ev Bessar from New York secured the Vanguard Fashion Innovation Award. Ev Bessar, a visionary designer, with the brand established in NYC, is leaving an indelible mark on fashion with innovative designs. she garners attention for her distinctive handcrafted pieces, blending traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde techniques, laser cutting and 3D printing. Her collections harmonize organic materials like linen, cotton, wool, leather, and organza, embodying a freedom of transformation and conceptual expression. A Parsons graduate, her journey took off at New York Fashion Week, solidifying her status as an influential figure. Beyond creativity, she founded Hearted, supporting children with congenital heart disease. Her collections captivated high-fashion enthusiasts, gaining recognition from leading publications like the New York Times and Elle, establishing her among New York’s trendiest clientele. Ev Bessar’s avatar unveils a limited collection of cutting edge designs in the Porterium metaverse, solidifying her status as an avant-garde digital fashion designer.

Glam Monte Carlo won well deserved the Fashion Runway Beauty Award. Glam Monte Carlo, a prestigious luxury Beauty and Wellness brand, under the visionary leadership of Founder & Owner Anna Lunhu, seamlessly merges modern anti-aging technology with the wellness heritage of the Cote d’Azur. Offering comprehensive 360-degree solutions, its sister brand, Glam MediSpa, specializes in Health & Medical Aesthetics, boasting a team of professionals in preventive medicine, anti-aging techniques, and longevity practices. Collaborating with fashion runways adds to its allure, ensuring a seamless backstage experience. From rejuvenating treatments to holistic wellness, Glam Monte Carlo epitomizes luxury and well-being, setting new standards in the industry and delivering unparalleled experiences for its discerning clientele.

Elisa Belarex, founder of a sensual fashion brand, earned the Fashion Entrepreneur Empowerment Award. Elisa, hailing from Milano, Italy, discovered the profound impact of fashion at a young age, influenced by her grandmother’s exquisite tailoring skills. With a vision to celebrate femininity and sensuality, she established Belarex, a brand dedicated to empowering women through unique designs. Belarex embodies self-assuredness, offering pieces that resonate with diverse backgrounds and cultures. Each design, meticulously crafted in Italy by a team of talented women, reflects a fusion of artistry and passion. Elisa’s commitment to authenticity and quality shines through every accessory and fabric, creating timeless pieces imbued with love and luxury. Belarex epitomizes empowerment, inviting women to embrace their strength and beauty with confidence. Belarex celebrates every facet of womanhood with bold and delicate collections, meticulously crafted from sumptuous silk, exquisite lace, and supple leather.

Miss March by Michelle Marozzi from Monaco received the Next Generation Designer of the Year Award. Miss March, an up-and-coming Monaco-based brand, epitomizes luxurious, youthful, and feminine allure. Launched in 2020, Miss March focuses on daytime and evening wear, offering a blend of comfort and elegance. Their mission is to empower girls to embrace their uniqueness and confidence in all aspects of their lives. Their smart, high-quality designs offer affordability without compromising on style or functionality. Each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure lasting comfort and chic appeal. Join them in experiencing the epitome of sophistication and comfort with Miss March.

And finally the surprise award went to Kristina Stets from Monaco who was named Rising Star in fashion content creation and photography for her aesthetics in fashion vision and attention to details in content creation. 

In a culmination of innovation and creativity, the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Porterium and Digital Fashion Magazine marked a milestone in the convergence of fashion, cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurship. By recognizing the visionaries, pioneers, and disruptors in the realms of phygital fashion, crypto, and creative ventures, the event illuminated the endless possibilities of the digital era. As we reflect on the astounding achievements of the honorees, we are reminded of the dynamic interplay between technology and imagination, propelling us into a future where boundaries are mere constructs and innovation reigns supreme in the digital domain.

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