Natasha de Graaf: Transforming Lives Through Aesthetic Mastery

Natasha de Graaf received the prestigious Beauty & Business Brilliance Award, recognizing her as the Ultimate Entrepreneurial Beauty Queen at the Digital Fashion and Crypto Awards by Porterium and DFMag during the 77th Cannes Film Festival. 

Natasha’s journey into medicine began young, influenced by her family. Inspired by her grandmother’s practice and her grandfather’s gift of the book “Vocation,” detailing the selfless acts of medical professionals during World War II, Natasha’s interest in the field deepened. Fascinated by the natural world and captivated by beauty in various forms, she pursued her dream of becoming a doctor.

In 1998, Natasha graduated from Lviv Medical University, laying the foundation for her career. She later enhanced her expertise at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Before opening her clinic, she worked in various places, realizing she wanted to offer something unique. As a clinic owner, she prioritizes providing a personalized experience for clients, allowing them to choose their own doctor.

At Liquid Beauty Clinic, Natasha’s mission is clear: to highlight natural beauty and unveil a revitalized, radiant you. She founded Liquid Beauty in 2011 with a vision to redefine beauty standards. Beginning with a single location, she dedicated herself to providing top-tier cosmetic procedures while nurturing a team of talented physicians. Through meticulous training and guidance, she expanded their reach, now boasting four locations across the Netherlands.

Natasha’s journey in the Netherlands began at Leiden University, where she earned her medical degree, followed by specialized training as a cosmetic specialist. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, she holds the title of cosmetic physician and is a dedicated member of the NVCG (Netherlands Association of Cosmetic Medicine). Natasha prioritizes quality and safety, training her handpicked team in exclusive techniques for fillers and Botox, and has invented her own methods. They lead in trends like “Russian lips” and “Flat lips.” Natasha’s passion lies in understanding clients’ desires, providing honest advice, fair pricing, and using top-tier products. At Liquid Beauty Clinic, it’s about honoring individuality and empowering clients to shine confidently.

In 2022, Natasha won the prestigious title of 1st participant of the Miss Classic Grand Sea World contest, showcasing her multifaceted talents beyond the medical field. Additionally, in 2024, she was honored as the favorite doctor for injectables on, a testament to her commitment to excellence in aesthetic care. Natasha was one of the five finalists at the AMWC conference’s Aesthetic Medicine Award in Monaco in the nomination of Best Aesthetic Clinical Case Application Form 2022 – Restoration of a woman’s face after a depressive disorder. Recently, she was also featured in Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, February 2024 edition.

For Natasha, a beautiful outcome is more valuable than money. Her clinic welcomes clients warmly, operating like a big, friendly family. Liquid Beauty Clinic specializes in aesthetic procedures such as fillers, Botox, and rejuvenation treatments. Natasha ensures the clinic stays updated with the latest developments in aesthetic medicine. Committed to continuous learning, they provide the highest standard of care, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and top-tier products. Client satisfaction and well-being are the top priorities, and Natasha and her team strive to exceed expectations with every visit.

Clients know Natasha and her team as down-to-earth people with a great sense of humor. They enjoy cracking jokes with each other and with clients, often being sarcastic, which their clients love. What’s life without some fun? Liquid Beauty Clinic stands out with its diverse client base, they keep prices low to remain accessible to everyone. Clients also enjoy their TikTok videos. As a small, women-owned company, all roles, from Natasha to managers, marketing, PR, content creation, assistance, and even bookkeeping, are handled by women in the clinic. As a cosmetic doctor, Natasha is known for her dedication and ability to transform patients. Her difference lies in her technical skills and her kindness. For her, cosmetic treatment is about boosting confidence and happiness.

Natasha attracted global patients, from celebrities to regular folks. Despite her busy schedule, she dedicates time to charity, offering free treatments to special cases like women post-cancer. Her dedication earned her recognition, but her true reward is the joy on patients’ faces. Natasha hopes to be remembered as a doctor and artist who enhanced outer beauty and inner confidence.

Since she was a little girl, singing has been a passion of Natasha’s, though it came with its insecurities. There was a moment when, half-jokingly, she mentioned to her best friend that she’d like to act in someone’s music video. Her friend’s response changed her perspective: “Why someone else’s? Why not your own?” That encouragement led her to a friend’s studio, where she faced her biggest fear head-on: being in the spotlight. Natasha embraced photoshoots and singing, stepping beyond her comfort zone. To make a long story short, this newfound courage took her all the way to Cuba, where she filmed a music video with the Latin reggaeton group “Ghetto Flow.” The song, “Temperatura,” radiates positive vibes. Her journey didn’t stop there; back in the Netherlands, Natasha collaborated again with the talented Latin rapper La Baby La Jefa on the empowering track “La Que Manda,” featuring Natasha de Graaf. This title means “I am the one in charge,” which describes her personality as a strong, self-made woman.

Currently, Natasha is working on an album and has some exciting collaborations in the pipeline that she’ll reveal when the time is right, so stay tuned.

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