Alessio Filippelli: A Creative Odyssey from Roman Salon to Global Influence

Innovating Entertainment, Fashion, and Social Change

From the humble beginnings of a Roman hairstylist to a renowned creative director and manager, Alessio Filippelli’s journey is a testament to talent, innovation, and commitment to social change. At just 25, this Italian-born visionary has already made a significant impact on the entertainment industry with his groundbreaking projects and unwavering dedication to mental health and social advocacy.

Rapid Rise and Stellar Collaborations

Alessio Filippelli’s ascent in the industry has been nothing short of meteoric. Collaborating with entertainment giants such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Halo, Star Wars, and Paramount Plus, he has built an impressive portfolio. His expertise spans producing and consulting on music tours, albums, and films. Notably, Filippelli produced and consulted on Kat Graham’s Worldwide Long Hot Summer Tour 2022, managing over 30 shows across 12 countries. He also led the design for her album ‘Toro Gato,’ the first album released exclusively as an NFT, establishing him as a trailblazer in the industry.

Graham credits Filippelli for her social media surge—from 3 million to 13 million followers—highlighting his strategic prowess in audience growth and engagement. His influence is so profound that he has been featured on Forbes People and billboards in Times Square, underscoring his rising prominence alongside his high-profile clientele.

Diverse Talent Representation

Filippelli’s impact extends beyond a single client. He represents a wide array of talents, including actors, wellness gurus, and producers. Currently, he serves as the digital director for Contrast Magazine and its associated publications, including Contrast Publishing and MDM Media. Always at the forefront of innovation, he is launching an app designed to provide a new platform for artists globally.

Fashion and Creative Innovation

Filippelli’s creative endeavors also venture into the world of fashion. In collaboration with Kat Graham, he launched the inclusivity-first clothing line, Galactica, which sold out globally within two weeks. He is now preparing to launch a new fashion line, expanding his design repertoire beyond viral merchandise. During the 2020 pandemic, he pioneered the first international Zoom virtual meet and greets, earning a Webby nomination and international acclaim.

Advocacy and Social Impact

Filippelli’s expertise transcends the entertainment industry. In 2022, he shared his social media insights at a United Nations panel during the Cannes Film Festival, emphasizing the role of social media in amplifying the voices of refugees. His commitment to social change is further demonstrated by his role as a global ambassador for Health 360 and the AmeriCorps program, advocating for mental health awareness.

Music Industry Ventures

In February 2024, Filippelli took a significant step by signing with music distribution company Vydia to represent independent music artists globally and launching his own music label. His mission is to empower artists and foster a thriving creative community.

Alessio Filippelli’s remarkable journey from a hairstylist to a multifaceted creative force exemplifies relentless drive, innovative spirit, and a profound dedication to making a positive impact in the entertainment industry and beyond. His story is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of vision and creativity.

Talent: Alessio Filippelli @ale_ssiofilippelli

Photography: Manuel Perugini @manuel_perugini

Glam: Elisa Rampi @elisarampi

Cover Look: Levi’s @levis

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